Saturday 20th July

Burscough bridge (Bridge 32A)

Start of our walk at Burscough

We soon make our way into the countryside

The towpath doesn't get much use

The landscape is very flat for miles around

A huge bird on the towpath

The Slipway pub at Crabtree swing bridge (Bridge 32)

Lots of moored boats

The Farmers Arms pub

New Lane swing bridge (Bridge 31)

A row of small cottages on the towpath

Another photo showing how flat the landscape is

Great Score swing bridge (Bridge 30)

Ribble Canal Transport barge

In the countryside, grass towpath

Martin Lane bridge (Bridge 29)

Narrow towpath

Heatons bridge (Bridge 28)

Heatons Bridge visitor moorings

Almost missed this mile marker!

Moorings and holiday park

Static caravan park and moorings

Boats moored at Pinfold

Once a pub, now an Indian restaurant

Scarisbrick bridge (Bridge 27A)

A new 200-berth marina being constructed at Scarisbrick

A new 200-berth marina being constructed at Scarisbrick

A new 200-berth marina being constructed at Scarisbrick

Static caravans at Scarisbrick

20 miles to Liverpool, 107¼ miles to Leeds

Weaver's bridge (Bridge 27)

Hungry ducks approach us for food

Hulme's bridge (Bridge 26)

19 miles to Liverpool, 108¼ miles to Leeds

A stone sculpture at Halsall Warehouse bridge

A stone sculpture at Halsall Warehouse bridge

Halsall Warehouse bridge (Bridge 25)

The Saracens Head pub next to Halsall Warehouse bridge

Saracens Head permanent moorings

View across farmland from the towpath

Halsall Hill bridge (Bridge 24)

When you've gotta go, you've gotta go

18 miles to Liverpool, 109¼ miles to Leeds

Harkers bridge (Bridge 23)

Boats moored at Ship bridge (Bridge 22)

Ship bridge (Bridge 22)

The Ship Inn, Haskayne - time for lunch

Sat in the beer garden on the towpath

Haskayne bridge (Bridge 21A)

Funny, run out of paint!

17 miles to Liverpool, 110¼ miles to Leeds

Downholland Hall farm

Downholland Hall swing bridge (Bridge 21)

Downholland Hall farm

Downholland bridge (Bridge 20A)

Scarisbrick Arms, alas no more

16 miles to Liverpool, 111¼ miles to Leeds

Little used towpath

Coxhead's swing bridge (Bridge 20)

Maintenance boats at Coxhead's swing bridge

Crop circles! And plenty of them

More farmland and flat landscape

Jacksons bridge (Bridge 19)

Canalside housing

15 miles to Liverpool, 112¼ miles to Leeds

Lydiate Hill bridge (Bridge 18)

Lollies bridge (Bridge 17A)

Scenic, 'Dessy' moored at Lydiate

Dicconson's bridge (Bridge 17)

Mersey Motor Boat Club sign

Moored boats and canalside apartments

Canalside housing

Bell's swing bridge (Bridge 16)

A proper path again as we approach Maghull

Methodist swing bridge (Bridge 15)

Unnamed bridge (Bridge 14A)

13 miles to Liverpool, 114¼ miles to Leeds

Shaw's swing bridge (Bridge 14)

Red Lion bridge (Bridge 13)

New canalside property in Maghull

Approaching Northway bridge (Bridge 12A)

Northway bridge (Bridge 12A), end of our walk

Off at Northway bridge