Wednesday 29th May

Bolton Station, 1st train ride of the day

Blackburn Station, 2 trains already!

Blackburn Station, 2 trains already!

Nelson Station, our 3rd train leaves for Colne

Start of our walk at Nelson

Unnamed bridge (Bridge 141A), Carr Road

Canal at Nelson

Approaching bridge 141 (no name), Nelson

Bridge 141 (no name), Nelson

Old canalside industry at Nelson

Canalside industry at Nelson

78 miles to Liverpool, 49¼ miles to Leeds

Lomeshaye bridge (Bridge 140)

Stone terraced housing and industry on the canal bank

Linedred bridge (Bridge 139)

More industry and a huge chimney

Mosaic (1 of several) by the canal

More industry and an ugly gasometer

Clogger bridge (Bridge 138)

Enormous stone built mill

Enormous stone built mill

View from towpath, note boarded up houses

Industrial decline at Lob Lane bridge (Bridge 137)

Lob Lane bridge (Bridge 137)

Old stone built mill or warehouse in need of refurbishment

Old stone built mill or warehouse in need of refurbishment

New houses, you can just make out the M65 motorway in the distance

Hawks House bridge (Bridge 136)

Green slime on stagnant water

A rare view of open countryside

Oliver Ings bridge (Bridge 135)

Subsidence on part of canal bank

Lodge bridge (Bridge 134) at Barden

Heald bridge (Bridge 133)

Approaching Burnley

Wide stretch of canal and old construction on other side

Pipe bridge and unnamed railway bridge (Bridge 132A)

Housing and industry at Burnley

Ninety degree turn

Industrial decline at Burnley

75 miles to Liverpool, 52¼ miles to Leeds

Industrial decline at Burnley

New Hall bridge (Bridge 132)

Industry on left, a park on the right

Old Hall bridge (Bridge 131B)

Old stone warehouse built in the early 1900s

Danes House bridge (Bridge 131A) at Burnley

Old terraced houses close to canal

Angry hissing geese, we did wake them up though

Colne Road bridge (Bridge 131)

Wide stretch and possible old branch?

Turning point for canal traffic

A quiet, leafy part of the canal in Burnley

Slime on stagnant water, approaching aqueduct

Aqueduct over river in Burnley

The Queen Victoria Pub in Burnley

74 miles to Liverpool, 53¼ miles to Leeds

Godley bridge (Bridge 130H)

New canalside apartments being built

Old and new buildings in Burnley

Rooftops and chimneys

Turf Moor in the background, home of Burnley F.C.

View towards Burnley town centre

Aqueduct and small crane

View from aqueduct

View towards Burnley town centre

Row upon row of old stone terraced houses in Burnley

The ugliest building yet, Tesco in Burnley

Approaching Finsley Gate bridge (Bridge 130E)

Finsley Gate bridge (Bridge 130E)

End of our walk, off at Finsley Gate

The Adelphi Pub opposite Burnley Central Station

The Reindeer Hotel opposite Burnley Central Station