Saturday 20th July

Burscough to Maghull (photo 75 of 83)

Methodist swing bridge (Bridge 15)



how do you open the bridge. i have just bought a narrow boat and need help please .

Comment by alex - 2nd May 2010

the original bridge was blown up during ww2 by the ira, theres no exact explanation for this, but the most popular tale was they wanted to stop the farm workers going to the local church

Comment by kev - 25th May 2013

That is a great picture - I just stumbled into online & the scene is how I recall it from the 1970s when I lived in Turnbridge Road - just off Green Lane that crosses the canal.

I think the actual bridge pictured is a replacement to that which was there back in the 1970s. It was very risckety as one crossed.

Comment by Andrew S Hatton - 5th November 2018

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