Wednesday 29th May

The Queens Hotel in Leeds, by the station

Opposite the The Queens Hotel

Shoppers in Leeds City centre

A Ferrari in the centre of Leeds

A Lamborghini to woo the shoppers

View from Victoria bridge looking towards lock 1

The canal joins with the Aire & Calder Navigation in Leeds

Lock number 1

River lock (No.1) at the Aire & Calder Navigation

Looking back from the other side towards lock 1

The footbridge we were meant to cross

An old crane by canalside re-development

Office lock (No.2)

Office Lock bridge (Bridge 226)

Only 127 miles to Liverpool

Unnamed bridge (Bridge 225H)

New buildings and a footbridge over the River Aire

A bridge over the canal and a bridge over the River Aire

Monk bridge (Bridge 225G)

Unnamed bridge (Bridge 225F)

St Ann's Ing lock (No.3)

Wellington Road bridge (Bridge 225D)

Old canalside industry at Leeds

Oddy 2 locks (No.5-4)

Looking back towards an ever-changing Leeds

Spring Garden lock (No.6)

One last look back at Leeds

126 miles to Liverpool, 1¼ miles to Leeds

Leaving the city re-development area

Unnamed bridge (Bridge 225C)

Canal Road bridge (Bridge 225A)

Armley Mill bridge (Bridge 225)

Unnamed railway bridge (Bridge 224A)

A bridge on the towpath

Boats moored parallel to the canal

A boat with my daughters name

125 miles to Liverpool, 2¼ miles to Leeds

Redcote bridge (Bridge 224)

Unnamed bridge (no number) next to Redcote bridge

Getting more rural, heading towards Kirkstall

Wyther bridge (Bridge 223)

Kirkstall Brewery bridge (Bridge 222)

Old canalside buildings at Kirkstall

124 miles to Liverpool, 3¼ miles to Leeds

Unnamed footbridge (no number)

Kirkstall New Road bridge (Bridge 221A)

Nice propery at Kirkstall

Kirkstall lock (No.7)

View ahead from Kirkstall lock (No.7)

A pipe bridge crosses the little-used stretch of canal

Forge 3 locks (No.10-8)

Uphill walk at Forge 3 locks (No.10-8)

123 miles to Liverpool, 4¼ miles to Leeds

Service dam

Newlay 3 locks (No.13-11)

The canal at Newlay

Newlay bridge (Bridge 221)

The Abbey Inn at Newlay, time for lunch

Thomas at the Abbey Inn

Boats moored at Newlay

Boats undergoing TLC at Newlay

Beautiful old house by the canal

122 miles to Liverpool, 5¼ miles to Leeds

Peaceful stretch of the canal

Ross Mill swing bridge (Bridge 219)

Great view across the River Aire and beyond

A couple of manikins

Canalside housing and industry

Moss swing bridge (Bridge 218)

New apartments at Rodley

New houses at Rodley

Older property at Rodley

The Rodley Barge canalside pub

121 miles to Liverpool, 6¼ miles to Leeds

The village of Rodley by the canal

Rodley swing bridge (Bridge 217)

Thomas enjoying an ice cream at Rodley

Horseforth Road bridge (Bridge 216A)

The Railway, a nice looking old pub

Owl swing bridge (Bridge 216)

A narrowboat turns around

A pipe bridge on a rural part of the walk

Calverley Lodge swing bridge (Bridge 215)

Lodge Wood

The canal at Airedale

A train crosses the River Aire

Scenic stretch marred by a pylon

119 miles to Liverpool, 8¼ miles to Leeds

Boats moored

More narrowboats at Thornhill

Quaint farmhouse by the towpath

Thornhill bridge (Bridge 214B)

Industrial buildings at Apperley Bridge

Local amateur football match

Harrogate Road bridge (Bridge 214A)

Long trek uphill to the bus stop