Wednesday 29th May

We caught the train to Parbold

Off at Parbold Station

A short walk up Station Road to the canal

The windmill by the canal at Parbold

View from Parbold bridge (Bridge 37)

Another look at the windmill

Plenty of barges moored at Parbold

A little 'Rascal' moored at Parbold

View towards Parbold village from the towpath

Narrow part to allow for service gates

Parbold Hill in the distance

Plant life renders canal to a single lane

On towpath between canal plants and trees

A couple of houses in the middle of nowhere

A canal bridge over a narrow road

An old hall barely visible through the trees

Looking back at the bridge

A huge water treatment works close to Parbold

Lovely detached cottage by the canal

Old cottages on a road that passes under the canal

A narrow footbridge crosses the canal

Does anyone know what these structures are?

Perfect grass, more than likely a turf farm

Judith has a minute

Spencer's swing bridge (Bridge 36)

Spencer's swing bridge in action

A barge passes Spencer's swing bridge

Spencer's swing bridge in action

Cottages at Spencer's swing bridge

Spencer's swing bridge open to traffic again

26 miles to Liverpool, 101¼ miles to Leeds

Lots more barges moored at Hoscar

An old boat rotting away

Moss bridge (Bridge 35)

Large boards of wood to make service dam

A couple of canoeists on the canal

Lots of new plants on farmland next to canal

A pipe bridge over the canal

Approaching some housing

Traditional canal barge with flowers

Old houses on the canal bank

Ring O' Bells bridge (Bridge 34)

Ring O' Bells pub, time for a drink

The kids having a drink

The canal at Ring O' Bells

Leaving Ring O' Bells pub

Half a barge!

Old detached cottage in need of some TLC

The canal goes over a stream

Approaching Glovers swing bridge (Bridge 33)

Glovers swing bridge (Bridge 33)

Glovers swing bridge

Fields as far as the eye can see

A huge canal boat

Approaching Rufford Branch

Bridge over Rufford Branch of the canal

Sign post at Rufford Branch

View from towpath bridge towards Rufford Branch

View from towpath bridge towards Rufford Branch

An old dry dock at the Rufford Branch junction

Couple of odd looking barges

Getting closer to Burscough

New housing estate at Burscough

A cricket match at Burscough

Tame ducks

Old factory at Burscough

Old railway bridge built in 1848

Old factory and chimney on the canal

Modern canal side housing

Looking back, old and new

24 miles to Liverpool, 103¼ miles to Leeds

Approaching Burscough bridge (Bridge 32A)

Burscough bridge (Bridge 32A)

An old water pump close to Burscough bridge

Underneath Burscough bridge

End of our journey, view from Burscough Bridge

Old industrial building on canal at Burscough

A short stroll to the station

Burscough bridge station, time for home