Wednesday 29th May

Approaching the canal bridge at Apperley Bridge

Start of our 16th walk

Harrogate Road bridge (Bridge 214A)

Harrogate Road bridge (Bridge 214A)

New canalside apartments

Apperley Bridge Marina

Houses and cannon at Apperley Bridge

Millman swing bridge (Bridge 214)

118¼ miles to Liverpool

Millman swing bridge in action

A narrowboat passing Millman swing bridge

Dobson 2 locks (No.15-14)

Dobson 2 locks (No.15-14)

British Waterways maintenance yard

118 miles to Liverpool, 9¼ miles to Leeds

Into the countryside

Bridge not numbered or named

Under bridge 212A looking at Idle swing bridge (Bridge 212)

One of 1,000 mileposts funded by the Royal Bank of Scotland

Lots of weeds and plant life in the canal

Strangford swing bridge (Bridge 211B)

Two huge pipes traverse the canal

Field 3 locks (No.18-16)

Unnamed bridge (Bridge 211A)

A narrowboat passes Buck Hill swing bridge

Buck Hill swing bridge (Bridge 211)

116 miles to Liverpool, 11¼ miles to Leeds

Oddies swing bridge (Bridge 210) and unnamed bridge (Bridge 209A)

Dead man?

Baildon Holmes, near Bingley

Dock swing bridge (Bridge 209)

Junction bridge (Bridge 208)

Junction bridge (Bridge 208)

On a very old Junction bridge

Approaching Shipley

Gallows footbridge (Bridge 207D)

We came off at Gallows footbridge for lunch

Back on the canal at Shipley

Shipley bridge (Bridge 207C)

Part of a large mural underneath Shipley bridge

Restored canal buildings at Shipley

Victoria Street bridge (Bridge 207B)

Buildings in need of restoration

Ashley Lane visitor moorings

Unnamed bridge (Bridge 207E)

Old canalside housing at Saltaire

Modern buildings opposite the old houses

Approaching Salt's Mill at Saltaire

Salt's Mill at Saltaire

Salt's Mill at Saltaire

Salt's Mill at Saltaire

Footbridge at Salt's Mill

Saltaire bridge (Bridge 207A)

A wedding taking place at Saltaire

Local amateur football match

Hirst lock (No.19)

Hirst Mill swing bridge (Bridge 207)

An aqueduct over the River Aire

Dowley Gap Changeline bridge (Bridge 206)

Dowley Gap 2 locks (No.21-20)

Water overflowing the lock gates

A maintenance boat named 'Wigan'

Scourer bridge (Bridge 205)

Maud bridge (Bridge 204)

Approaching Bingley alongside a busy main road

Dubb bridge (Bridge 203)

Property on the canal at Bingley

Footbridge not numbered or named

Canalside industry at Bingley

Canalside industry at Bingley

Park bridge (Bridge 202)

Damart clothing factory in Bingley

Bingley Three Rise locks (No.24-22)

Boats entering Bingley Three Rise locks

Steep towpath at Bingley Three Rise locks

Steep towpath at Bingley Three Rise locks

Three Rise Locks swing bridge (Bridge 201)

Approaching Bingley Five Rise locks

Bingley Five Rise locks (No.29-25)

Start of a testing 60ft ascent of the Bingley Five Rise

Half-way up and looking down

A view from the Bingley Five Rise to show how high the canal is

Looking down from the top of the Bingley Five Rise

Thomas at the top of the Bingley Five Rise

Five Rise Locks swing bridge (Bridge 200)

A couple of plaques at the top of Bingley Five Rise

Sign post at the top of Bingley Five Rise

A cafe at the top of Bingley Five Rise, we called in for a drink

Heading out of Bingley

A.B.C. swing footbridge (Fixed open)

Micklethwaite swing bridge (Bridge 199)

Morton swing bridge (Bridge 198A)

Busy, 3 boats in convoy

High up on the towpath

Swine Lane bridge (Bridge 198)

Unnamed and unnumbered footbridge at Swine Lane

Nice houses on the canal

Approaching the end of our walk at Riddlesden

More nice houses on the canal

Granby swing bridge (Bridge 197A)

The Marquis of Granby pub at Granby swing bridge

Houses at Riddlesden, near Keighley

Almost there!

Stockbridge swing bridge (Bridge 197)

Yay! A jubilant (and aching) Thomas is happy