Wednesday 29th May

The centre of Skipton

Morris Dancers at the Royal Shepherd, Skipton

Canal at Skipton, at Springs Branch

Coach Street bridge (Bridge 1)

A short walk along the Springs Branch

A short walk along the Springs Branch

A short walk along the Springs Branch

Mill bridge (Bridge 2)

Old mill building at Skipton

Old mill and waterwheel

The raised towpath alongside Skipton Castle

Official start of the walk

Belmont bridge (Bridge 178)

Signpost at the Springs Branch junction, Skipton

View from the towpath at Skipton

Busy stretch of canal

Brewery swing bridge (Bridge 177)

Heading out of Skipton

A miniature narrow boat

Gawflat swing bridge (Bridge 176)

Stone houses close the the towpath

Stone houses close the the towpath

Thomas and Connor feeding the ducks

Into the countryside

The canal winds its way out of Skipton

Bridge 175A, not named

Abandoned tractor left to the elements

View from towpath

Damaged mile marker, 30¼ miles to Leeds

Niffany swing bridge (Bridge 175)

We had to leave the towpath here

A couple of hundred yards along the road before we could re-join

Lots of joggers

Thomas and Connor have a minute on "Roy's Seat"

Bridge 174A, not named

Beautiful views and countryside

Railway line that ran parallel to the canal for a while

Beautiful views and countryside

Thorlby swing bridge (Bridge 174)

Noisy stretch as the A65 runs next to the canal


Peace and quiet again

Highgate swing bridge (Bridge 173)

Damaged mile marker

Approaching Holme bridge (Bridge 172A)

Holme bridge (Bridge 172A)

Holme Bridge lock from Holme bridge

Holme Bridge lock (No.30)

Old and deserted farm buidlings close to Gargrave

Aqueduct over the River Aire

Ray bridge (Bridge 172)

Caravan park at Gargrave

Eshton Road bridge (Bridge 171)

Eshton Road bridge (Bridge 171)

Eshton Road lock (No.31)

Approaching the end of our walk

Nearly there, off at this bridge

Higherland bridge (Bridge 170), end of walk