Wednesday 29th May

West Street, Gargrave, the start of our walk

Joining at Higherland bridge (Bridge 170)

Higherland lock (No.32)

34¼ miles to Leeds, 93 miles to Liverpool

The canal at Gargrave

Anchor bridge (Bridge 169A)

Anchor lock (No.33)

Breathe in!

Scarland lock (No.34)

Scarland lock (No.34)

Open countryside and railway bridge

Stegneck bridge (Bridge 169)

Stegneck lock (No.35)

Priest Holme railway bridge (Bridge 168A)

Priest Holme aqueduct

View from Priest Holme aqueduct

Priest Holme Changeline bridge (Bridge 168)

'Danger Thin Ice' sign on gate.

Bank Newton Locks, Bottom lock (No.36)

Carpenters Yard bridge (Bridge 167)

Bank Newton lock (No.37)

Bank Newton lock (No.38)

Wide stretch of canal between locks

Bank Newton lock (No.39)

Plantation Lock bridge (Bridge 166)

Thomas and Connor at Bank Newton lock (No.40)

Connor using a lock key

Thomas using a lock key

Thomas and Connor opening lock gates (No.40)

Thomas and Connor aboard 'Thorpe'

Thomas and Connor aboard 'Thorpe'

Thomas and Connor aboard 'Thorpe'

Bank Newton Locks, Top lock (No.41)

Time to steer the boat into the locks

Steady on, 2 boats entering Top lock (No.41)

Thumbs up!

Cheeky chappies

Looking towards Newton Changeline bridge

Time for the lads to leave the boat

Newton Changeline bridge (Bridge 165)

Warning sign about aggressive swans

Newton bridge (Bridge 164)

Beautiful countryside

36¼ miles to Leeds, 91 miles to Liverpool

The canal winds through the hills

A towpath that doesn't see many visitors

The canal in the distance where it zig-zagged for a while

Watch your fingers!

In the middle of nowhere, nice and peaceful

The canal winds through the hills

Connor chasing a butterfly

Beautiful countryside

Beautiful countryside

More sharp turns

Langber bridge (Bridge 163)

A haven for wildlife

Williamson bridge (Bridge 162)

Double Arched bridge (Bridge 161)

38¼ miles to Leeds, 89 miles to Liverpool

Lunch at the Cross Keys, East Marton

Old Hall bridge (Bridge 160)

Unspoilt views from the towpath

'Kashmir' moored at Swillber Hill

View across the Pennine Way

Nice and peaceful

Unknown brick structure

South Field bridge (Bridge 159)

More sharp turns as the canal winds through the countryside

Is that a person ahead?

Greenberfield Changeline bridge (Bridge 158)

View from Greenberfield Changeline bridge

Greenberfield Locks, Bottom lock (No.42)

Time for a breather

Greenberfield lock (No.43)

Greenberfield Lock bridge (Bridge 157)

Greenberfield Locks, Top lock (No.44)

Old pumping house, dated 17th August 1893

Old pumping house, dated 17th August 1893

Greenberfield bridge (Bridge 156)

Approaching new housing on the canal

New housing on the canal

41¼ miles to Leeds, 86 miles to Liverpool

This used to be bridge 155

Approaching Barnoldswick, the Rolls-Royce factory on the right

Stone terraced housing at Barnoldswick

The end of the walk, Coate's bridge (Bridge 154A)