Wednesday 29th May

Train arrives at Wigan North Western to take us to Preston

All change at Preston

2nd train ride takes us to Chorley

View of Chorley from the station

A walk down Froom Street towards the canal

Start of walk, Froom Street Bridge (Bridge 77A)

Froom Street Bridge (Bridge 77A)

Decent towpath, approaching Workhouse Bridge

Workhouse Bridge (Bridge 77)

New housing development between the canal and the M61

A brand new bridge built for the housing development nearby

Crosse Hall Bridge (Bridge 76)

Mud and water after the recent downpours

Feeding the ducks

Crossing a road and stream by a viaduct, built c1795

Quite high, look at the rooftops

Decent towpath again, but it gets muddier further on

Approaching Cowling Bridge (Bridge 75A)

A slipway at Cowling Bridge (Bridge 75A)

Cowling Bridge (Bridge 75A)

New housing on the canal bank just past Cowling Bridge

The canal opened up here and looked like a river

Lots of geese, thankfully they were on the other side!

Signs of industry, a derelict mill building

Old farm buildings

3 canoeists on the canal

Barracks Bridge (Bridge 75)

Under Barracks Bridge - service dam markings

Thomas experiences history first hand, explaining the rope marks to me

A railway bridge (Bridge 74A)

Narrow boats moored close to Barracks Bridge

Half a narrow boat on land!

Strange reflection, beautiful location

Muddy towpath and overhanging trees made this stretch difficult (and fun)

44 miles to Liverpool, 83¼ miles to Leeds

Ridding Bridge (Bridge 74)

A Viaduct (Bridge 73A), no name

L & L Canal Company Stone

Cock-a-Doodle doo!

More ducks, luckily we still had lots of bread

Giles Bridge (Bridge 73)

A small narrow boat, 'Kitty Ann'

Chorley Road Bridge (Bridge 72A)

Under Chorley Road Bridge (Bridge 72A)

Idle Bridge (Bridge 72)

Adlington Circular Walk sign

Lots of narrow boats at Rawlinson

Nice house and gardens on the canal

A garage for narrow boat engine service and repair

Diesel, 47p per litre

Terraced property at Rawlinson Bridge

Rawlinson Bridge (Bridge 71)

Scaffolding fence along towpath

A mucky narrow boat, looks like it has been there a while

Nothing but boats all the way to Adlington

A 'green' narrow boat with a wind generator

Half size narrow boats

This could do with a make over

Cue song... 'Rosie and Jim'

Allanson Hall Bridge (Bridge 70)

Approaching White Bear Marina

The White Bear Marina at Adlington

The White Bear Marina at Adlington

The White Bear Marina at Adlington

Approaching White Bear Bridge

White Bear Bridge (Bridge 69)

We left at White Bear Bridge and headed to the station

Adlington Station, complete with two bus shelters