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Apperley Bridge to Keighley (photo 32 of 105)

Junction bridge (Bridge 208)

Site of a proposed junction that looks like it never materialised



This is the junction of the old Bradford Canal, closed in 1922

Comment by John Smith - 28th March 2009

The short stretch of the Bradford Canal had ten locks, 1X3 locks, 3 X 2 locks, 1 x 1 lock. There was recent talk of re-opening the canal but, as wth many recent Bradford grand plans, it's very unlikely to happen.

Comment by Mike Short - 22nd June 2009

Something else I remembered that might interest canal walkers - The road that follows the canal here is Dockfield Road, and a lane that connects the swing bridge to Leeds Road is Dock Lane. Dock? This was Shipley Dry Dock that was very close by and one of only a few dry docks on the canal. Leave the canal a moment to cross the swing bridge and go along Dock Lane. You are on the route of the Bradford Canal. Look out on your right for where it once went under the railway - embankment now filled in - to the right of the arch you are about to pass under. Next look for the lock keepers cottage on the site of the first lock. Next comes a red brick building and this was the pump house built in 1872 (I think) to pump water into the Bradford Canal from the Leeds Liverpool canal. It had been expertly converted to a house but retained an industrial character. (Now boarded up again June 2009). The construction of this pump house allowed the canal to reopen (I forgot to say that it had suffered an earlier closure through water loss) and keep going until final closure in 1922. Pass this and keep looking to you right for a handsome Victorian Gothic building. This would have been on the other side of the Bradford Canal. This is the former Shipley and Windhill Railway Station - and not a lot of people know that!

Comment by Mike Short - 2nd July 2009

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