Sunday 20th September

Apperley Bridge to Keighley (photo 13 of 105)

Dobson 2 locks (No.15-14)



What a pain in the backside cyclists can be. They come up behind you from nowhere and very rarely do they let you know they are approaching. They use the paths as if they were on a racecourse, with little or no regard for walkers Children or dogs.
It is actually a tow PATH (theres a clue there somewhere).
Our weekend walk are often ruined by having to jump to one side, sometimes into nettles, to avoid being ran over.
With a little consideration to others, I am sure that the Canal PATHS can cater for everyone.

Comment by Canal Walker - 26th May 2009

just had a wonderful day,walking,came across dobsons lock for the first time.helped a boat though the lock what an experiance.

Comment by andy and carol - 29th August 2010

In reply to the anti cyclist comment:
It's not a tow path, once of a day it was but when was the last time you saw a horse towing anything on the path?
it is a multi user path where bikes, horses & people can co-exist without friction, Yes I do beleive that you have been startled by a cyclist going too fast which is of course regretable but there will always be the occasional bad apple that spoils it for other people but I'd imagine that you don't want to hear my tales of awkward walkers that go out of their way to be obstructive and fishermen complaining because they have to move their massive Roach poles.
Put a smile on your face and learn to share!

Comment by Allan - 12th September 2010

Hi all
I realy believe in sharing, and all getting on together, but it is still a Top Path, there are still some horses around pulling, usualy narrow boats.
More commonly it human power, and they may need the whole Tow Path to manage.

Comment by Robert - 15th November 2010

We use the canal regularly as boaters and walkers and it is indeed a towpath first and foremost , it does indeed also to be seem to be ruled by cyclist s in their lycra who want to go very fast , don t have or use bells , or manners ( after we ve had to gather dogs and children into the side for them !! ) it amuses me greatly that the joggers always manage a morning or salute when their the ones who are working the hardest , so the conclusion is the cyclists are afraid of the road and get a kick out of being the fastest on the tow path ...sad but true...

Comment by canal and towpath user - 28th May 2011

All the walkers, or anti cyclist need to know that most of the tow paths are also National Cycle routes. I am purchasing a narrow boat and the only way I will be able to get to town is to cycle. If you walkers have noticed most of the canal boat owners do all hace cycles.

Comment by D.North - 7th October 2012

Having jumped out of the way of cyclists far too many times at Apperley Bridge and also been assaulted by a cyclist who deliberately rode at me I raised this issue with my local Councillors. A meeting was held at the British Waterways office at Dobson Locks with me, local Councillor, local Police Inspector plus some other representative.

It was noted that pedestrians have RIGHT OF WAY on the Tow Path and that cyclists SHOULD ring a bell when approaching pedestrians. It was also agreed by ALL that a number of cyclists ARE spoiling what is a lovely WALK.

What happened:- Very little. A few more signs were put up asking cyclists to be more courteous to other users (sic) and nothing else has changed.

Note:- I have always taken my family cycling on the canal but we have used good old fashioned good manners, slowed when approaching walkers and ringing bells, and if needed, dismounted and walked around the walkers. Unfortunately I stopped walking on the canal in 2011 as it was too dangerous from the lycra thugs. Believe me - They race along 2, 3 or 4 across where the canal allows without thought or care for walkers !

Comment by Frustrated Canal Walker - 7th February 2013

There's room for all and good manners cost nothing - sadly I have lost count of the times my husband and I have walked single file to accommodate both cyclists and joggers without any kind of acknowledgement. A nod of the head, a smile or wave is all that's needed. On the other hand we have met and walked along a short way with some lovely people - so come on everyone let's all make an effort

Comment by Jan - 23rd February 2015

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