Monday 23rd May

Leeds to Apperley Bridge (photo 49 of 96)

View ahead from Kirkstall lock (No.7)

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Pity we can't turn to the right - between the canal and the river are the Rhubarb Fields. Our favourite pudding ingredient was first grown here in the 17th century, by the early 1900s over 150 tons were sent to Covent Garden and further from the forcing sheds errected here. The second World War and changing tastes led to it's change of use, now the land is used for cabbages. With no obstructions to the view it is very easy to see the ruins of the 13th Cistercian Kirkstall Abbey. Large and stately in it's home by the River Aire it is well worth a lttle detour.

Comment by Rob McAllister - 29th May 2010

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