Wednesday 29th May

Wigan to Parbold (photo 3 of 101)

'The Way We Were' museum

Don't visit on Fridays or Saturdays, its closed! It closes for good at the end of this year. (2007)



It's closed for good, no longer a museum.

Comment by Brian - 6th February 2009

yes brian, and in the paper this week it says the backer for the new project has pulled out at the last minute,due to the recession. It will now just remain empty for years and get vandalised.

Comment by jimmy - 12th February 2009

As an ex Wiganer I think that closing this down was a very bad mistake by the council

Comment by Beryl Gibson - 5th July 2009

I cycle from parbold to Abram (then road to ashton) for work most days a week and pass this place. It is indeed a shame to have closed it, especially when you consider the regeneration that has gone into the immediate canal-side; with the Trencherfield mill conversion to apartments and the office blocks around the corner. Perhaps the town planners should have put a caveat on the development i.e. contribute to that museum.
Just my twopence worth.

Comment by Sasman Si - 10th May 2010

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