Wednesday 29th May

Maghull to Liverpool (photo 107 of 107)

Scruffy Glass House pub on Vauxhall Road

Approaching this I thought it was derelict and was surprised to see it was open!



The outside of the pub has been renovated, but the inside has hardly changed since me and my family lived in it around about 1955-1956. It was a great surprise to be able to have a pint in the pub I poured my first pint (I was about 5 years of age)

Comment by Alan Hale - 14th November 2010

We look forward to a visit here on our final stretch,do we need a crash helmet each????,Nigel Mark.

Comment by Nigel Paul Mark - 3rd April 2012

This was a very run-down pub for many years and I would often walk passed it.
However it has now been restored outside and in, and is a really great local working class pub, one of the most friendly of the many I have visited in Liverpool.
Highly recommended, call in there when your in the area.
Keith Speed.

Comment by Keith Speed - 26th April 2012

I lived in that pub around 1958- 1963. My mum was the manager and my dad worked in Gates. My mum had the bar beautiful. Always remember her and my dad polishing glasses as they stood behind the bar. It was called the glass house because the bar which was very long, was fully mirrored behind. This was too reflect the light when the tank (which I think was for gas) in the works facing, was full. It would rise and block out the daylight.

Comment by Pauline - 10th September 2019

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