Wednesday 29th May

Wigan Flight (photo 55 of 107)

Old house that looked like it was being restored

The foundations on this building were amazing, they must have been over 10ft deep!



[ think that house is the old Lock Keepers house.I was born not too far away from this house

Comment by allan johnson - 9th January 2011

my mothers aunty lily used to live here i think her surname was bibby there was a scrap yard at the back as i remember in the 60s

Comment by tony - 15th January 2012

My mother and Father lived here from 1984 to 1988 my dad was the lock keeper I am trying to find out who owns this now anyone any ideas ???

Comment by Kirsty smith - 14th February 2013

This cottage has been 2/3rds renovated and the cellars are the old stables used for the canal horses.

Comment by Dave Leather - 12th July 2014

Was this the Poolstock locl keepers cottage?Looking for James Leyland who may have lived there.

Comment by Josie lang - 27th May 2019

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