Thursday 30th May

Wigan Flight (photo 29 of 107)

Lock 72 (8) at the Rabbit Rocks



Is this Rabbit Rocks in Ince? Does anybody have photos of 'The Rocks' including turtle rock, just off Emfield Road I used to play there as a kid.

Comment by Sara Taylor - 5th June 2009

Yes this is Rabbit Rocks in Higher Ince.There are a few ponds at the back of Rabbit Rocks now.When i was a kid there was none.The Rabbit Rocks stood along side the old huge steel coat hanger bridge(sadly the bridge went years ago.The trains used to run over the bridge and onto the Whelley Loop line.(i think.i may be wrong on that,bit before my time that)but i sure remmember the bridge.I believe the Rabbit Rocks is a old spoil heep from the iron ore mining that took place there many years ago.
I havnt heard of Turtle rock though.I carnt help you there.

Comment by Andrew - 4th August 2009

yes there are a few here for you ,just copy and paste this into your address bar ( )

Comment by simon priestley - 28th May 2010

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