Saturday 13th August

Blackburn to Chorley (photo 139 of 139)

Now a long uphill trek in search of the bus station



Thank you so much for sharing your photos. My sister, son and I have cycled this route, so lovely to see the land marks!!

Comment by L Ashworth - 13th August 2011

Hi All
My very tired wife and I have just cycled from just the other side of Chorley to Blackburn, along the tow path.....????
It has been some years since we were on bikes, ...but we thought why not, how hard can it be????
We did it in 1hr 40 mins with a quick ref break at the top lock public house.
Then after sitting for 15mins I started to get up from my seat.... ???? Oh!! dear I felt as though I had been on a camel ride. ( those of you who have had the displeasure will know what I mean )
We set off with our enthusiasm for our task ahead somewhat bruised in more than one place, but continued we did as we live in cherrytree, Blackburn, so had very little choice.
The tow path is a mix of smooth gravel,muddy bits and bone jarring rocks and cobbles, all I can say is thank god I have my own teeth!!!
We arrived at cherrytree and I attempted to dismount not thinking that my joints were fused into the riding position,like a plastic soldier I had to be helped from my trusty steed with the help of my also fatigued,sore and grateful wife.
We walked the the main road, I must have looked like John Wayne in one of his movies.
To that end, we enjoyed the ride, the views of the country side,wild life, canal boats and the weather. I am 62 years young and weigh, or did 18.5 stone and my wife is 46, if we can do it anybody can so go and do it and enjoy the the pains and aches are well worth it.

Comment by Grahame Tinnion - 30th August 2017

the gargrave - skipton section is doable by rail and as you did use the service it is a poor do not to pay! plus the example set to your children
we rail users need this line to remain open and an increased service would be good for all, so please pay up next time

Comment by bailey - 7th September 2017

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