Monday 15th August

Blackburn to Chorley (photo 60 of 139)

The Boatyard Inn at Riley Green



This lovely pub is no longer with us. It got burnt down in a fire around April time 2017 after a fair bit of money was spent in refurbishing it.
Shame really, had a few nice afternoons here.

Comment by Kazza - 26th August 2019

Remember this when it was a boatyard. My father served an apprenticeship here and worked as a boat builder before and after the war (1939 _ 1945) We watched launches when the barges were slid sideways into the water. I also remember seeing one of the last horse drawn barges. I have walked the full length of the canal from the lock into the river at Leeds to the docks at Liverpool. (127.25 miles)

Comment by Bill Procter - 7th December 2019

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