Saturday 13th August

Blackburn to Chorley (photo 1 of 139)

Blackburn, but where is the canal?

We asked a few people for directions but the hard part was finding someone that spoke English!



very interesting sight ,enjoy it immensley,have it in my favorites,thank you.

Comment by tom longworth - 8th February 2009

I love your photos. You should have turned left out of the railway station then right just after Morrisons, then right up Cicely and then picked the canal up at Cicely Bridge. You could have then turned left up on to Eanam Wharf before turning around and heading the way you went.

Comment by Joe - 26th July 2009

You could have gone up to Asda and walked down the steps, the canal is there.

Comment by Linda Brooks - 16th September 2012

At the lamp post on the RHS is a bridge, this is where the town gaol used to be (about 1770)

Comment by Michael - 30th March 2014

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