Wednesday 29th May

In the car

Another no-no by public transport so we went in the car again. This time my wife and daughter came with us but we left them in Skipton to do some shopping and sight seeing.


Skipton is a great place, very scenic with lots to see and do. There is a junction called Springs Branch which we walked before setting off on our main walk down the canal. It was busy with tourists ambling around the canal close to Skipton Castle.


Fourteen walks in and I was totally unprepared (again). I checked the weather before setting off and the forecast was sunny so I left my jumper and coat at home. What a mistake, as the canal left Skipton into the wide open countryside, it was blowing a gale and I was freezing! The kids were prepared though... lesson learnt!


Another scenic walk with nice views across open countryside. The main road (A65) and a railway came close to the canal on a few occasions to shatter the silence. We also saw the Red Arrows but by the time I switched the camera on, they had been and gone!

Full speed ahead

As it was only a short, 5 mile walk and I was cold we didn't waste any time. The walk was enjoyable but soon over. There was a lot to take in on this short walk but as we came off at Gargrave our thoughts were on lunch.

How do we get back?

After a bite to eat the kids were asking me how do we get back to Skipton? Good question as I hadn't a clue! We decided to walk to the station (a small deserted platform) to catch a train back. Luckily for us we only had a 5 minute wait. If we'd have missed this, we would have had a 3½ hour wait for the next one. Great timing. The guard never came to us on the short trip so the journey didn't cost us a penny.

Back at Skipton

With the day still young we met up with the girls and all went to Skipton Castle. This was a fascinating place with spectacular views from the watch tower. A bloke who worked at the castle had the kids (and me) mesmerised by some of the stories about the place.

Time for home

An enjoyable day out for all of us. The next walk won't be as short as our sights are firmly set on reaching Leeds. We're about 30 miles away, that's all.