Wednesday 29th May

A mini adventure

It took us over 5 hours to do this 4 mile walk. 4 train journies made up for almost half the time! We caught the train to Preston, changed for Chorley, walked to the canal which was quite a way. Walked the 4 miles, caught a train back to Preston, then a train back to Wigan.

Get a railcard

The return journey should have cost us (Me and Thomas) £12.15 which is a bit steep. With a family railcard it was reduced to £6.90. Bargain, we've had our monies worth already. The cost of the family rail card is £20 per year.


I can't remember the last day when it didn't rain! Good ol' British summer. After a few showers this morning we set off knowing the towpath would be waterlogged in places. We joined the canal at Froom Bridge, Froom Street in Chorley.

Narrow boats

If you like narrow boats, this is the stretch for you! There were hundreds of them, particularly at Rawlinson Bridge and White Bear Marina. Diesel fuel for the boats is only 47p per litre. It's twice that for motorists.


We remembered the bread this time to feed the ducks. I'm glad we did - there were plenty of them and they swam towards you expecting to be fed as you walked along.

Into Adlington

We came off at White Bear Bridge and made our way to Adlington Station which is only a few hundred yards away. The new smoking ban makes it illegal to smoke on the station. A gate separates the station from the street. I felt like a criminal having a smoke this side of the fence whilst a diesel train sped through the station with black smoke billowing from it.

It took us around 2½ hours to walk 4 miles. We took our time, fed the ducks and tried to avoid the mud as best we could. Another enjoyable walk.