Leeds and Liverpool Canal
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About this Website

Leeds & Liverpool CanalThis is the personal website of father and son, Brian and Thomas who live in Wigan. It will be used to record our walks along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

The site was born on 29th May 2007 shortly after we completed our first part of the journey, the Leigh Branch.

Over time, we will be adding more information as we walk the full 127 miles of the canal.

The entire route will be photographed and our experiences of each part of the journey will be documented.

At the site launch, I am 38 years old and my son is 11. We hope to add more content regularly but can't promise when the walk will be completed, or indeed, if it ever will! Other things do take our time up including watching Wigan Athletic and working on other sites which include:

wiganworld.co.uk - Our town, Wigan, on the Internet.

historyworld.co.uk - Britain's history in old photos and adverts.

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We completed the walk on Saturday, 20th September 2008. Every inch of the canal (around 127 miles) plus the two branch lines making a total distance of around 142 miles. See the photos for more info.
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