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19th June 2011
Show Your Support
Please cheer them along as they cycle through your area of the canal.

In aid of our brave lads and lasses in the armed forces, a group are cycling the whole of the Liverpool-Leeds canal (128 miles).

Starting in Liverpool at 10am from Stanley Docks on Friday 24th June they‚'ll be travelling to the outskirts of Blackburn.

Saturday 25th June from 9.30am at Feniscowles in Blackburn they‚'ll have a ‚'Fun Start‚' and then be on their way from 10am to Skipton.

Sunday 26th June from 10am they‚'ll finish in Leeds.

Organized by David Baldwin (father of 3 sons all in the armed forces), if you want to join them for how many miles you wish for this very worthy cause. Tel: 07746209846.

Posted by Brian at 22:21   4 comments

11th May 2010
Support Diane
Raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust, a worthwhile cause.

In Diane's words: "Starting from Alder Hey, Liverpool and finishing in Leeds St James’s taking a route along the oldest and longest canal in the north. I will walk with my dog Bessie and play my ukulele all 127 miles of it. I will walk in three stages in May and June. I would like to raise as much money as I can to help young people living with cancer find their strengths and talents through music and outdoor activities."

Please show your support, visit Diane's website.

Posted by Brian at 22:57   1 comment

14th May 2009
Detailed distances
As promised many moons ago, I have finally got round to adding detailed distances to help walkers and cyclists who are planning a trip along the canal.

The list was originally from a very old Edward Baine's Directory of Leeds & District but has since been amended and updated.

The reference to 'flg' in the distance refers to a furlong which is one-eighth of a mile, 220 yards, 660 feet or 201 metres!

Leeds & Liverpool Canal, detailed distances

Posted by Brian at 22:40   9 comments

3rd May 2009
Fantastic weekend
Thomas and I have just had a brilliant weekend on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, this time cruising rather than walking.

We were very kindly invited by Richard Carpenter to travel on 'Elysium' from Rufford to Wigan. Our first day was a cruise covering this stretch. Our second day we conquered the Wigan flight which was no easy task. It was fun every inch of the way and a weekend we will never forget.

I have created a new 'bits & bobs' section which contains a few photos of our outing.

I will also add more material to this section over time including detailed distances etc.

Posted by Brian at 22:10   0 comments

17th April 2009
New website
As promised, a link to our new website.

Hope you like it.


Posted by Brian at 19:02   2 comments

5th April 2009
Walking again
Yay! The weather is getting better and the nights are getting lighter so we've started walking again.

This time we're doing other canals, and lots of them, hopefully.

We've just started the Bridgewater Canal and walked our first stretch today from Leigh to Worsley.

These other walks will be going onto a brand spanking new website. I'll post a link when its online.

Posted by Brian at 20:28   6 comments

16th February 2009
New comments
Since I opened up the site to allow comments against photos quite a few have been made.

This is great, I should have done it earlier.

In particular, thanks to Mark who has helped with his local knowledge of the Nelson to Burnley stretch.

If you can help with anything from your local area, please leave a comment. This will hopefully provide an invaluable resource to future walkers.


Posted by Brian at 22:57   10 comments

6th February 2009
Photo comments
It is now possible to leave comments against any photograph on the website.

All comments are checked before being added therefore expect a short delay.

Please bear in mind this is a family-friendly site so swearing, racism etc is not permitted.

If you have anything to help/educate future walkers of the canal, please do so. I'm sure they will appreciate your input.

Thanks ;)

Posted by Brian at 22:58   2 comments

1st February 2009
New design
It's taken a while but I've finally got round to the re-design!

The site is a bit more colourful than before, hope you like it.

More updates are planned, see previous blog entry for details.

Posted by Brian at 21:46   0 comments

12th November 2008
More soon...
I've decided to make some improvements to this site, it's a shame just to leave it.

On the way will be:

Photo Comments
Ability to leave comments against any of the 1,700+ photos. This could prove invaluable as people with knowledge of their areas could add interesting and useful information to aid future walkers.

New Design
I created the site hastily just to put something online quickly!

A detailed list of distances will be published between bridges and locks along the route to aid future walkers.

Other Stuff?
A map? More photos of the new section in Liverpool when it opens? User contributed photos? History? It's over to you.

Changes on the way...

Posted by Brian at 21:52   13 comments

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